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effektiv und sinnvoll trainieren

Alle Preise verstehen sich inkl. 19% Mehrwertsteuer. Zahlbar bar/EC/Kreditkarte im Studio oder während des Buchens.


Alle Preise verstehen sich inkl. 19% Mehrwertsteuer. Zahlbar bar/EC/Kreditkarte im Studio oder während des Buchens.


Du suchst nach einem Training, das ganz auf dich zugeschnitten ist? Dann ist unser Personal Training eine gute Wahl. Oder suchst du nach einem effektiven Ganzkörpertraining? Du liebst anatomie-basiertes Training? Dann ist eine Gruppenstunde das Richtige für dich!

Team Members

Arianne Hoffmann


Master of Fine Arts (UCLA) in Dance
Expert Personal Trainer
NKT I zertifiziert

    Nicola Bullock

    Senior Trainer

      Marc Daum


        Chantelle Gallow


          Nicole Michalla

          Senior Trainer

            Shirah Perry

            Senior Trainer

            BFA in Dance
            certified Pilates & Yoga teacher

            More about Shirah

              Emily Ranford

              Senior Trainer

                Vesna Stajic



                  Just, wow. Arianne is that unique mix of subject matter expert, cheerleader, confidant and coach. During my time working with her, I learned more about my body that I thought imaginable. Some highlights: I can do a plank now for more than 10 seconds and I walk differently than I did before!
                  I'm stronger and I feel better than I did, and all for a very reasonable price. One-on-one Sessions on a reformer with Arianne can be private OR in a team of two. All of the scheduling is done through an online portal, (what is the deal with Germans wanting you to call to schedule an appointment...seriously) and are conducted in German or English. This was a godsend for me as I was not sure if I could manage enough German to get through an entire session on a reformer. Happily, Arianne is a California girl who can switch between the two languages seamlessly.
                  So if you're in Berlin for a long time, or just a bit, (like me) and you want to be stronger and leaner, I highly recommend reaching out to Workout Berlin today!

                  Jennifer S.

                  Great space and equipment. The instructors are very well trained, confident and shift up the classes. A range of different styles of teaching, but all of the instructors display a great knowledge of physiology, psychology and technique. The pricing is good, the workout is wonderful. Ari runs a great studio. A perfect antidote to grey Berlin winters and a good greeting for spring and summer.

                  Judy F.


                  We know, automatic translation sucks. Despite of how it reads, we are able to communicate well in English. -- Email is the best way to reach us. We have no front desk!

                  +49 01735842236

                  WORKOUT berlin / Arianne Hoffmann
                  Scharnweberstr. 30
                  10247 Berlin