What you need to know

… to get ready for your studio class:

As of September 21st 2020

  • We will keep windows open during class, so please bring an extra layer if you get cold easily.
  • Please come about 5-10 minutes before your class, wearing a mask. The trainer will ask you to enter one by one.
  • Please wash or disinfect your hands upon entering and go to a reformer. Please stow your personal belongings next to your reformer, and don’t get mixed up with the boxes during training. Our reformers are placed according the current COVID-19 Verordnung of the Senate of Berlin (1.5m distance). So you can feel free to take off your mask during class.
  • At the end of class, please thoroughly clean your reformer and box with the cleaning products that are located at the back of each reformer, and leave the towel on the floor. Then disinfect or wash your hands and leave the studio one by one, wearing a mask. This will ensure everyone’s safety.

We will keep our physical distance, and some of us will choose to wear a mask while teaching, though we are technically not required to. Hands-on adjustments are part of the “körpernahe Dienstleistung” that we provide. Only mask-wearing trainers are allowed to touch. Feel free to decline those adjustments!

Let’s master this challenge together. Happy training!

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