FOR THOSE WHO KNOW what you are doing on the Pilates Reformer, welcome to our studio! We are certainly following all COVID-19 rules & procedures, offering a safe workout during these trying times.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE NEW to Reformer work, feel welcomed, we will show you the ropes!

Almost all our classes are held in English, with mostly native instructors who trained in Australia and the USA. We are offering a wide range of Pilates styles, from contemporary to classical, as we believe that diversity is key. This means that we also strive for diversity in our staff and clientele. No body is the same, but everybody is equal. True health is not based on fitness solely; it is derived from integrating a bodily awareness into anything you do. We are determined to get you those skills!


Das Reformer Training in kleinen Gruppen bietet sich an für Menschen mit gesundem Bewegungsapparat. Da wir unsere Gruppen klein und überschaubar halten, können wir dir ein konzentriertes Training gewährleisten. Unsere Aufmerksamkeit liegt auf der korrekten Durchführung der Übungen. So ist ein schneller Lerneffekt gegeben. Allerdings sind Menschen, die chronische Beschwerden haben oder gezielt fit werden wollen, im Personal Training besser aufgehoben.

Unsere Reformer Pilates Kurse werden von ausgebildeten Pilateslehrer*innen mit unterschiedlichen Zusatzqualifikationen unterrichtet. Nicht wenige verfügen über eine akademische Ausbildung, eine Tanz- und/oder Yoga-Ausbildung. Die meisten Kurse finden auf Englisch statt.


WELCOME body-positive movement enthusiasts!

If you have never been on reformer, you will be surprised by how intense the workout can get. At the same time, it is gentle on your joints. The string of exercises focus on your core, so that postural muscles get a chance to engage correctly and efficiently. The more advanced it gets, the more the limbs get involved and the more complicated it gets to coordinate various body parts moving at once. To integrate all those small postural muscles, we add balances and stretches.

The trainers will coach you to use your breath while working out. This conscious use of in- and exhalations supports your movements during the exercises, but also let’s you tune into your nervous system and leaves you feeling invigorated.

The reformer is easy to handle, once you had a good introduction to its specific functions. So be sure to attend a Basics class first, where the trainer has the time to answer any questions you may have.


Reformer with jump board
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